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Kneipps Conray wins Warwick Stallion Campdraft 2015
Yarrawa Park Stock Horses
Kneipps Conray wins Open Campdraft at the Landmark Classic Campdraft Sale 2014  at AELEC Tamworth. 
Landmark Classic
Campdraft Sale 2018
Yarrawa Park Stock Horses

Photo Wild Fillies Photography


Kneipps Conray


Yarrawa Park Stock Horses

Photo Narelle Wockner


Option to Flush


Yarrawa Park Stock Horses

Photo Natalie Law


Beauview Lance


We have been breeding and showing horses for over 60 years. We have had great success over the years and look forward to remaining competitive in this growing industry. We are proven producers of quality stock horses for all disciplines. We have horses for sale at all times and your enquiries are welcome.


                         Kneipps Conray

                 Winner of ASHS Nationals Stallion Campdraft 2017

Winner of Fraser's Livestock Transport Stallion Campdraft - Warwick 2015